Conditions of carriage

1. Please check that you correctly wrote your name and surname (in Latin, similar to writing in the passport).

2. When you are travel abroad, you are fully responsible for the necessary documents to enter another country (visa, insurance and other documents). In case of cancellation of departure for this reason, your ticket will be subject to standard return, under the rules of the fare.

3. Before you pay the ticket, you must specify the fare rules (whether penalties for repayment, penalties for changing the date).

4. All bookings are guaranteed by over one banking day from the date of booking (provided that prior to the departure of more than 48 hours). We are not responsible for the increase of the tariff in cases where, after 24 hours, the airline removes unredeemed place and there is no opportunity to rebook for the same cost. If before departure more than a week, please contact us by phone (044) 290-87-00, we will let you know the final date of redemption, which was established by the airline.

5. Ticket Payment can be made in 3 ways:

  • portmone
  • via bank
  • credit card

When choosing payment via bank to your contact e-mail will be sent a receipt. When paying by credit card, please contact us immediately, because the money comes to our account not directly, but through a payment gateway, and we need to clarify the fact of payment.

6. The loss of the e-ticket receipt is not a ground of refusal at check-in. You just need to be in possession of a passport and know the time of departure and flight number. You can request a copy of the electronic ticket by sending a request to the e-mail

Once again thank you for choosing our site, we wish you a pleasant flight.

Transportation rules valid at the time of ticket issuance and are subject to change by the airline-carrier.